Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Highland House Cafe Pizza

The pizza is just one of those foods that no matter what, it always sounds good. The ability to easily swap toppings, cheese and sauce, makes it one of the most versatile foods ever made. The history of this ingenious food is irrelevant. You see, that is the problem with all of those soups, and noodle dishes. No swappable toppings! It's 2014! All toppings should be swappable by now! If you are a vegetarian, carnivore, or you are just more into fungus (mushrooms) there is a pizza for you! What I’m most concerned with here is the textures, smells (sorry, no smell-o-vision yet) and taste (also, nothing I can do for you).

The pizza in question is the round Highland House Cafe pizza. They make a delicious crust and amazing bread sticks. While this is a tech blog and our focus is on the finer aesthetics of electronics and the such, we are also light hearted and love pizza as much as tech. So sit back and enjoy, because we sure did.

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